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TPBM - Alien Edition
failhappens wrote in failsim
Brief from perchalicious: PBM will make a male alien teen, YA or adult who loves animals and/or cute things in general (stuffed animals, animal prints, tea sets or something) and is very shy. Blue or red skin (any shade range is fine) and elf ears are optional shy.




Download him here


EDIT: The dark blue band + the line design around Wolfram's temples were not included in the package. I packaged him before deciding to add those, and then forgot to update the file. So if you want those files, they are a ZombieJill eyeshadow which is the dark blue band, and makeup from a ClubCrimsyn set (from the homepage -> TSR sets -> makeup -> page 2, the very first set. It's the one with the band across the eyes). Sorry for the mistake ):

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I actually squee'd when I saw this. Thank you so much I love him. He's just so freaking cute and drinking tea with cookie monster?

That's awesome.

He looks so conventionally square jawed masculine, but also really fragile and sweet. I really like his nose and that big jaw and those ears. I adore elf ears. It's going to be great to see how he breeds. Thank you again, he's fabulous.

Yay I'm glad you like him!

I realised that I forgot to include two bits of makeup in the package file, so if you want the blue band and the lines around his eyes, I've included links where to download those.

I really do. I dropped him in my prosperity hood and I'm looking forward to spotting him/attempting to marry him into one of my families. :D

Thank you for the additional make up info and links.

Man I kind of love this sim, the pic of him having a tea party SLAYED me! xD And then all I could think of was the episode of supernatural with the manic depressive bear....


XD I had so much fun setting up the tea party shot. Especially since once I plopped him onto the lot, the first thing he did was go for the tea set.

Wolfram is AWESOME. He's weirdly cute and sweet. X3 Taking him for my challenge, thanks so much.

I can't wait to see your results! :D Hope he treats you well!

The sweet Wolfram was drawn to be the first partner in my alien legacy at pixel-trade. I thought you would like to know and take a peek on him in my hood:


He is living in a temporary lot because he will soon move to my founder's home. I dressed him with SBB meshes clothes because I thought he looked like a big guy.
I hope you like. :)

Thanks for the sneak peek, I love seeing what other people do with the sims they download :D He looks great with the SSB mesh. I hope he treats your game well!

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