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The Person Below Me: Manly Edition
failhappens wrote in failsim
linear_flower requested: "The person below me will make a Sim with brown hair, green eyes, S1 skintone, and have a look of perpetual anger"



Meet Teagan Mann. He looked much angrier in Bodyshop (alas), so I hope this is alright. He is quite ~angular~




He's packaged without CC (I thought I had a BS picture kicking around somewhere--if I can't find it, I'll take another and post it later. I'm just super excited to get this up and posted). Here's a list of CC included in the picture:

Hair: New Roman Hair by Hysterical Paroxysm
Facial hair: Two Beards and One Stubble by squall117 (The one labeled Ivan)
Clothes: Mr. Lucky by TenTentacles
Piercings: by -shady-

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Oh yay! I'm glad you enjoy him. :)

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